Fun with Google Maps & Streetview

This video shows a number of Google Streetview images played in quick succession. A number of Streetview Panoramas were stitched together using POV-Ray and rendered onto a hollow sphere. Next the camera is placed inside the sphere and we cycle through the sequence of images. The camera is banked to coincide with the turns on the road.

To get the list of panoIDs for a given path, you can click here.

The same ride as earlier, but showing a 360 degree camera pan while driving.

Saskatchewan is flat!

The ride between Regina and Moose Jaw in Saskatchewan, Canada. Most of the trip uses the same data set, however you can see that the data was collected on different days.

Manhattan Tour

A lap around the island of Manhattan. A number of 360 degree pans shows the city from several angles. There were a few gaps in the data set, so there are some jumps, but the animation remains surprising smooth.