The Enneagram


The Enneagram is a powerful system for understanding Human Nature. Like other personality type systems, the Enneagram describes different groups of behaviours and characteristic tendencies of people.



The Enneagram goes deep into our personality, describing the unconscious motivations underlying our behaviour. These motivations describe why we think, feel, and act the way we do.



Each personality type has a valid yet limited point of view. When we study all the personality types, we can better understand how and why others see the world differently from us. This awareness leads to greater understanding, compassion, and acceptance of others.



Studying our own personality type helps us see the limitations of our own worldview and interactions. This awareness can result in significant personal growth, allowing us to expand our potential, embracing possibilities that were previously closed to us.

This purpose of this website is to share the deep wisdom of the Enneagram to help us understand others and ourselves.

About Rob

For the last 25 years, Rob Fitzel has been researching the Enneagram, studying with many of the leading Enneagram scholars in the world and synthesizing many schools of thought. He has a passion for teaching what he has learned, sharing his insights with study groups in Ottawa and at conferences across Canada. He chaired the 2015 Canadian Enneagram Conference, bringing together 150 people from across North America to learn, share and grow.

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The Enneagram - Empathy Connection

I had the delightful opportunity to speak about the Enneagram to a room full of HR professionals at a recent DisruptHR conference. The format of the presentation was an Ignite Talk, which calls for 20 slides, each one auto-advancing every 15 seconds. A five minute presentation can hardly do justice to the depth of the Enneagram and its nine personality styles. So instead, I decided to tell a story...

A Matter of Perspective | Rob Fitzel | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.